Larnaca may be a town on the southern coast of Cyprus, the third largest once national capital and Limassol with a population of overfifty,000. it’s the island’s second largest industrial port and a traveller resort, and also the island’s largest flying field, Larnaca International flying field, is found simply on the outskirts of town to the south.

Larnaca’s economy has been growing since 1975, once the loss of the Port of Famagusta, that was handling uptoeightieth of the overall merchandise, and also the closure of national capital International flying field, meant that Larnaca’s flying field and harbor had more and more vital roles within the economy of the island.

A €650m upgrade of Larnaca flying field has been completed. several travel and tour operators and alternativetravel-related corporations have their head offices in Larnaca. larnaca
The service sector, as well as business, employs 3 quarters of Larnaca’s labour.

Festivals play an enormous half on the larnaca culture with abundant of the activity is targeted round the townpromenade throughout the key festivals. the foremost vital of those is Kataklysmos or the pageant of the Flood, celebrated in early summer with a series of cultural events. The pageant wont to last for a few week, but, in recent years, with the accrued transaction of peripheral stalls, rides and temporary loukmades restaurants, thepageant been has extended to concerning 3 weeks, throughout that the waterfront is closed to traffic within the evenings. Loukmades may be a sweet delicacy.